Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Only Takes a Moment

Each of us wakes up every morning completely unaware of where the day may take us.  We have a general idea of the events that lie ahead, but it’s the unknown that can surprise us.  In a way, this is good.  Do we really want to know what our life has in store for us every single moment?  What would life feel like without the unknown? 
As I write this, I take a look around my kitchen and let my eyes rest on the changes, big and small, that have taken over my life.  I see a house, a ranch nonetheless, in a neighborhood that two years ago, I didn’t even know existed.  I see furniture, new to my eyes, resting next to toys that were recently played with by little hands that also didn’t exist two years ago.  I too see items that are as familiar as my own reflection:  A treasured hutch, an overpriced flat screen, a refinished coffee table, a stray cat with the longest tale I’ve ever seen and an overweight dog sleeping on top of an oversized couch.  These are remnants of a life that used to be and memorials to a life that could have been.  They are constants and offer comfort and stability to a life that can sometimes change too quickly.
You never know where an hour, a day or a year will take you.  Tomorrow you could win the lottery, pay off your house and buy a new car (I suggest a BMW X3).   Next week you might find out you’re pregnant and expecting a bundle of life changing joy in a little over 9 months.  In a year you may find yourself divorced, married, single or widowed.   Personally, my status changed from childless to pregnant in a minute.  It took a day to go from married to widowed and in a week I gave away half of my pets (that’s 2/4).  In a little over a year I found myself no longer living in an urban Victorian, but instead habituating in a two bedroom ranch.  I’ve been quoted saying I’d never give away a pet because it would be giving up on a commitment I had promised to keep.  I’ve also adamantly proclaimed my hatred towards ranch houses, refusing to even consider them.  And single motherhood?  No, that would never happen to me, I’m much too careful.  All of these things I confidently said never to, yet all of them happened and they happened quite quickly.  What’s ironic is, I love my little ranch.  It’s full of light, the flow is great and it’s a wonderful and safe place to raise Marley.  I love my quiet neighborhood where kids play outside all day, neighbors know each others’ names and traffic is almost nonexistent.  I cannot believe I used to love living in a house with no closets, two staircases and a busy street out front.  As for Brady and Bugs, the pets I sent to loving homes, I very rarely think about them.  Honestly, I find myself more often thinking about sending Blotter and Benny to the same home.  These are just a few examples of the unexpected paths life can take.  What I’ve learned is to never say never and to appreciate every minute of my day.  I’ve also learned to slow down and take in the moments around me, whether big or small.  Every second of our life is important because it might just be the second that leads to an extraordinary change.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to not fear these changes.  Life has a peculiar way of working out and as long as we are honest with ourselves, healthy in mind, body and heart, we have the ability to ride out the storms, relax in the calm and enjoy the festivities.

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